Exerpeutic 1000 Recumbent Bike Review, Is It Worth It?

Exerpeutic 1000 Recumbent Bike ReviewRead this Exerpeutic 1000 recumbent bike review to help you understand the benefits as well as the pros and the cons of this particular model. The exerpeutic 1000 is a very popular model and every inch of this bike has been designed to make hard work pleasurable and easy to handle. And you get that within the low price range.

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What is Magnetic Recumbent Bike with Pulse?


This is the question that always comes to mind when we hear about some new product, what benefits can I have from it? The Exerpeutic bike and every other recumbent bike is similar to a standard exercise bike, but with one key differences – they are made to be really comfortable and easy to climb on. It’s design will allow you to lay back and work out. If you fall into the category of people that like to be comfortable while working out, or because of a condition you have to be in this position, this may be the solution for your troubles.

What Sets it Apart from Others?


The good thing and also the thing that satisfied customers like to point out about this bike is that it is very simple to assemble. Many of them say that they could do it within an hour, while watching TV or sipping a cup of coffee.

It is also equipped with a big seat that is really cozy, some may find it a bit hard, but it will give you a long workout time without feeling uncomfortable. Also, its design, being different, allows you to climb on it just by making a step, making it great for older users or someone who is recovering from injury.
Exerpeutic 1000 Recumbent Bike Review

Key features


This bike has a ton of features all with the purpose of making your workout effective and enjoyable:

  • It’s got precision balanced wheel, V-belt drive, “smooth torque” cranking system produce quiet operation.
  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance provides you with a wide range of workout intensity, whatever you are in shape or you beginning to exercise.
  • Large seat and backrest provide you with great comfort, so you can exercise even more.
  • Extended leg stabilizers prevent any movement or possible fall.
  • Large pedals with straps will prevent any foot slippage or leg strain.
  • Even though it is strongly built its transport wheels will allow you to move it with no problem.
  • Maximum user weight of 300 lbs will give a chance for great workout to bigger people, it can be used also by people that are 6’3 ft tall.

There are also a bunch of computer features on this model. All features are user friendly.

  • LCD display
  • Feature to scroll through workout data with memory from your previous workouts.
  • Workout data include: Speed, distance, heart rate, calories burned, and time.

You also get 3 year warranty on the frame and 90-days parts warranty.

How Much Room do I Need for it?


This is a decent sized piece of equipment, so it would take a bit more space than your average exercise bike.

Height 34 inches
Width 22 inches
Length 54 inches

With all those dimensions comes weight of 63 pounds, which is easily maneuverable. If you rather have a foldable recumbent bike read the Exerpeutic 400XL review.



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Recumbent bikes gives you the same workout as an ordinary exercise bike but with much more coziness combining comfort and hi tech in one masterpiece for workout . Although some may say that these kinds of bikes are less effective, there is not a lot of evidence to support this claim. Have in mind that this is the only way for some people to do their workout, due to their injury or a condition.

Eight levels of magnetic resistance may not be that impressive for experienced and fit athletes, but for the average people this is more than enough to get the sweats going and melt those pounds away.

What Are the Pros & Cons?



First of all this bike is easy to assemble, everything comes well illustrated, and most of the screws are already where they should be.

Due to its magnetic system, bike is extremely quiet, it will allow you to watch your favorite show and have great workout.

People with knee or leg problem and poor mobility will be very pleased with this one, as its design allows you just to step on the bike and start workout.

It is highly adjustable, and the great design can suit almost any size person, if you are 6’3ft 300lbs or 5’4 130lbs it wouldn’t matter, the quality of training would not change. This makes it perfect for the whole family to use.

Affordable price is one of the greatest merits of this bike. It is very well built and feels really sturdy while you use it.


By buying this bike you do not get so many added features, like cup holder and Iphone holder. There aren’t many fancy gadgets on this bike. Even some bikes in it’s price range have more addons.

Resistance has to be adjusted by hand, it is not electronic like at many other similar models. Some customers say that the seat although really big is not suited for the rides over an hour, but this is subjective opinion, because others totally disagree on this one.

8 levels of resistance set up may turn out to be little variance to someone, but to be fair it is pretty common in the price range of 200$.

What do I Get for my Money?


The Exerpeutic 1000 recumbent bike with pulse is what’s called ’value for the money’’. Within a decent price range you get a great piece of workout equipment. This bike is really sturdy, it can support persons a bit above 300 pounds and due to its design it can be used by the whole family. Magnetic resistance is really quiet so you can enjoy a movie or music while working out, and you will not bother others when you work out.

This bike is great for a bit older people, for the people recovering from some injury or have some kind of knee or back problems but also the healthy and young ones will love it too. It may not be as flamboyant as some of its high-end counterparts but this recumbent bike will get the job done even beyond your expectations.