Sunny Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Sunny Recumbent Bike ReviewOne of the best ways to workout at home is to use a good quality exercise bike and with this Sunny recumbent bike review you are going to find out if this one meet your expectations. Featuring an easy to see LCD, heart rate sensor and magnetic resistance system is currently one of the top rated exercise bikes on the market.

 This exercise bike targets various leg muscles all at once, more especially: 

  • Gluteus Maximus – This is the main muscle of the hip and is the largest muscle in the buttocks and hamstring.
  • Hamstring – The hamstrings consists of three muscles that are located at the back of your thigh.
  • Quadriceps – The quadriceps consists of four muscles and are located in the front of your thigh.
  • Erector spinae – These are a group of back muscles that run along the length of the back.

This exercise strengthens and tones all these deep legs muscles, leaving you with shapely, killer legs.

Sunny Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike Review 

Sunny Recumbent Exercise Bike Main Features


1. Various resistance system – This basically is the tension on the pedal, and this bike has eight different resistance system, so whether you are a beginner just starting to strengthen those muscles or whether you are an expert cycler this bike has a resistance level for you.

2. Smooth and silent belt transmission – Belt transmission bikes are better than chain drive bike, due to the fact that the belt transmission lasts for years and needs little or no maintenance.

3. Cushioned seat with adjustable height – This makes the bike super comfy, the seat wont hurt your buttocks (like some other bikes) and the height of the seat is adjustable therefore people of various height can used this bike and fit comfortably.

4. Digital monitor – This monitor displays distance, time, speed, calorie, hand pulse and scan, so you are fully aware of exactly how long your workout is and exactly how many calories you lost (how cool is that)

5. Portability – This bike is relatively small for a recumbent bike and rather lightweight so it can be moved around and stored away easily and also perfect for small spaces.

The dimensions of this bike are 32L x 22W x 45H -in and weight is 38 lbs making it relatively small (unlike most recumbent bikes) and lightweight bringing me back to portability, allowing you to move it around and use anywhere.


Sunny Magnetic Recumbent Bike Benefits


Due to this exercise bike being so versatile you can get a full leg workout without having to use a treadmill. This is extremely beneficial to people who have problems with their knees. It’s also more of of comfortable exercise machine, perfect for leisurely exercising.

Also due to the many adjustable components on this exercise bike you can control your exercise routine down to the tee. You could have a high intensity workout session by adjusting the resistance to a higher setting thereby toning those preexisting muscles. You could have a fat burning workout, also high intensity, but with a lower resistance to shed that extra fat and tone those muscles or you could just do a regular relaxing exercise, just to keep you in shape at the lowest resistance level.


Pros & Cons


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  • This bike is a recumbent bike and unlike a regular upright bike, this bike allows you to be comfortable and provides support to your back due to its chair like seat also your body won’t feel any strain due to the reclined position, thereby allowing you to exercise for longer without feeling tired.
  • This bike has an adjustable frame so that you can adjust your feet to pedal distance depending on your height thereby ensuring that it’s comfortable for you.
  • With this recumbent bike you aren’t hunched forward like a regular upright bike, instead your arms are free and somewhat relaxed, with heart rate sensors to position your hands naturally.
  • It’s lightweight and small so it can fit just about anywhere, you could literally just put it in front of the television and workout while catching up on your favorite movie or tv show.
  • It’s pink! Need I say anything more? Anyway if you are not fond of pink check the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4601 model which comes in grey color.


  • It comes unassembled, so when you see that big box, it may look a bit daunting, but don’t let the box fool you, it’s pretty easy to assemble and smaller than expected.
  • Due to the positioning of your hands, sometimes this exercise can put a strain on your wrists.
  • Due to your legs being farther away from the pedals, your leg muscles have to work harder to fight gravity, hence they may tire out quickly.
  • With an upright bike where you can lift your body up to make the workout more challenging. This is not possible with a recumbent bike, you have to stay in the same position throughout your workout.


Most Recommended For


# Those who have problems with their back, more especially lower back pain and find it difficult use a regular upright bikes due to stability issues.

# People who have a lot of body fat and cannot use an upright bike. Due to the recumbent bike being so comfortable, it won’t even feel like a fat burning workout.

# Folks who are using an exercise bike for the first time as this bike develops and strengthens all those leg muscles without the difficulty of a high intensity workout.

# Those who already have an upright bike and are looking to try a more comfortable laid back exercise routine.


Sunny Recumbent Bike Summary Review


All in all, I think that the Sunny Health & Fitness Pink Magnetic Recumbent exercise bike is a great bike, with amazing features (I mean heart rate sensors). It is also cheaper and smaller than most other recumbent bikes. If you are looking for a versatile, comfortable (more especially leg), easy to use exercise bike, with all the latest gadgets, then this is the bike for you. This bike is recommended for those who weight up to 220 lbs, so if you are looking for a bike with bigger weight capacity check the Marcy ME 709 model.